The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Site is where the United States of America carried out nuclear tests. The first H-bomb was tested here, showing that it was seven thousand times as strong as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Afterwards, the results of the tests were evident that nuclear bombs have a huge effect on the geology of the land and causes dangerous levels of radiation to life. Bikini Atoll was forever changed after this nuclear testing occurred and is still not safe for people to reside on today. This site symbolizes the beginning of a nuclear era that started during the Cold War.

The nuclear tests used all ghost ships, meaning that no people were on them. They did, however, use live animals on the ships so that the effects of radiation from a nuclear bomb could be tested and studied. 90 ships in total were used, but not all of them held live animals. Most all of the animals that did not die during the blast were dead shortly after from radiation poisoning.

This site became the regular nuclear testing site for many years, having a total of 67 nuclear tests performed here. The biggest nuclear test that was ever performed was the H-bomb in 1954. There have been so many nuclear bombs dropped that this area is still not safe to visit, and the people who originally lived there may not ever be able to return.

The H-bomb, which is a Fusion bomb, turned out to have a lot more power than the U.S. expected. It was actually 1,100 times bigger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The day that this bomb was dropped, winds caused hundreds of miles of the islands to be contaminated by high radiation levels. The people living on these islands still have many health problems, and now move from island to island trying to survive.

Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Site